In a central location on Pottholmen, the new entrance to Karlskrona, a city block will be developed consisting of housing, nursing homes and mobility houses. We won the land allocation competition with a proposal that is multifaceted in both content and expression.

The Tower District with its housing, restaurants and outdoor seating, will be an eye-catcher and an inviting meeting point for both neighborhood community and city life. A new landmark in the city. We have placed great emphasis on place-making, conditions for public life and both quiet and lively meeting places.

Garden houses is a nursing home that combines forward-looking social care solutions with green and urban architecture. The buildings meet the city with soft gestures: a warm wooden façade and a small green square facing south. But the interior of the block and the roofscape are also green. The outdoor environment is designed to meet the needs of the residents and at the same time inspire movement and spending time in nature. The environment stimulates all the senses, arouses curiosity and inspires a sense of home.

When designing the nursing home, we focus a lot on visibility, light and orientation, which creates the conditions for putting the resident at the center while facilitating the work of the staff.

The port warehouse is a social mobility house that, with its red facade and arcade, connects to Karlskrona's oldest tradition, but accommodates a new program and new experiences. The façade provides a warm and sustainable expression with an exclamation mark: a public sauna where sweating Karlskrona residents can look out over the trains rolling in and out of the city. Along the façade of the mobility building facing the public transport square is an arcade with generous business premises. The arcade creates a rain-protected urban space that contributes to a flattened urban character.

The falu-red wooden facade lets the daylight in between the slats and feels so airy that you can look out from the parking level and orient yourself in the city. In the street spaces outside, the sparse wooden facade also creates an exciting play of light. On the roof, a large-scale pergola with solar panels spreads out. Energy from the solar panels is stored in battery rooms in the building and used locally to minimize the amount of purchased electricity. Areas that are not solar panels become green biotope roofs that retain stormwater.

Facts and figures

Project name

Odalen och Riksbyggen


Nursing home, about 6000 m² GFA. Mobility house, about 11 000 m² GFA.

Winning a land allocation competition

Contact person
Johanna Tobisson
+46 724 - 02 26 35

Project team

Project architect nursing home
Johanna Tobisson
Architect SAR/MSA, Studio manager

Project architect mobility house
Erik Sandberg
Architect SAR/MSA

Project architect landscape
Caroline Hertzman
Landscape architect LAR/MSA, Deputy studio manager

Emelie Landström

Emilie Östberg
Landscape architect LAR/MSA

Katrin Johansson
Architect MSA

Maria Listrup
Architect SAR/MSA

Rebecca Saaby Mehlum
Architect SAR/MSA, Office Manager Helsingborg

Sara Mårtensson
Structural engineer

Viveka Nordh Premmert
Structural engineer