P-huset Hyllie

P-huset Hyllie

P-huset Hyllie

The parking facility is close to Hyllie Station and therefore facilitates onward travel by train or bus.

There are 1,400 car spaces on nine levels and bicycle parking with 1,000 bicycle spaces on two levels. The parking garage is manned and has service, workshops, showers and a lounge directly adjacent to the train tracks. On the ground floor there are premises for, among other things, car wash and tire hotel and a monitoring center for P Malmö.

The façade consists of over 3,600 adjustable 'glass wings', which can be set in different patterns. To the east, the glass is made of diamond glass (non-ferrous glass) and has a ceramic double-sided print with pixelated autumn leaves. To the north, the glass is matt white on the outside and glossy black on the inside. The glasses have a square format in order to best create a pixelated image by placing the discs at different angles and obtaining shade differences in each pixel.

Behind the glass facades is a standing expanded metal fallout shelter that also helps to deflect the headlights of cars from adjacent buildings. To the south there is a plant wall with climbing plants.

The Hyllie parking garage was inaugurated when the City Tunnel in Malmö opened in 2010.

Facts and figures

Project name
P-huset Hyllie

P Malmö


43 500 m²

Completed, 2010

Contact person
Per Aage Nilsson
+46 706 - 29 24 23

Project team

Alper Sjöstrand
Construction engineer, Control officer

Andreas Jentsch
Architect SAR/MSA, Dipl. - Ing., Deputy Head of Studio.

Niklas Sonestad
Architect MSA/MAA, Deputy Studio Manager