NCIF – Nationellt Centrum för Idrott & Folkhälsa

NCIF – Nationellt Centrum för Idrott & Folkhälsa

NCIF – Nationellt Centrum för Idrott & Folkhälsa

Together with the sports movement, Hemsö wants to develop a new type of sports facility in Lund. A national center for sport and public health, NCIF, which will promote and encourage movement for more people throughout their lives. NCIF will contain both indoor and outdoor areas for physical training, education and research.

Today, Kunskapsstråket runs northeast from Lund C past the university, LTH and Science Village, with ESS and MAX as its destination. As a counterpart to this, the Activity Route is now being established to the south, a route focusing on health, movement and recreation that runs from Bollhuset and Stadsparken, via Högevallsbadet, Arenaområdet and the new train station and down to Källbybadet and the nature reserve along Höje å.

FOJAB is working together with Hemsö and Lund Municipality to test the establishment of NCIF as an important destination point in Aktivitetsstråket, together with Källbybadet and Höjeådalen. The planning program will describe how NCIF can be designed and integrated into the area with a focus on maintaining and strengthening existing green areas, cultivation, sports and recreation. The new train station west of Klostergården and a new pedestrian and bicycle tunnel under the railway will affect flows and communication routes in the area, and increase the possibilities of creating a new meeting place in Lund.

Facts and figures

Project name
NCIF – Nationellt Centrum för Idrott & Folkhälsa




Contact person
Elise Lindahl
+46 761 - 62 61 09

Project team

Project architect
Kjell Adamsson
Architect SAR/MSA, Business Development Manager, Deputy CEO

Supervising architect
Elise Lindahl
Architect SAR/MSA, Sustainability Strategist

Oskar Svahn

Emma Pihl
Planning architect FPR/MSA