Motala lasarett

Motala lasarett

Motala lasarett

Our framework agreement with Region Östergötland includes assignments mainly at Motala Lasarett. The assignments include a wide variety of renovation projects at all stages as well as investigations and sketches.

The following projects are currently underway:

  • Redevelopment project for Motala Lasaretts emergency room and its entrance. The project included Program Document, System Document and Construction Document.
  • Co-location of MT/IT where the two operations will share their premises and review their flows and connections. The project currently includes an ongoing program document.
  • Redevelopment project for the palliative care department, which will have new premises on Plan 11. The project includes extensive operational dialogue as the care provided is different from the rest of the hospital as the patients in the palliative care department receive care at the end of life, which places completely different requirements on colors, lighting, overnight accommodation for relatives and how the staff work for the patient and the involvement of the relatives. The project currently includes the submitted Program Document and System Document. The design of the construction documents will start in March 2023.
  • A study of the Fleximat system for all departmental kitchens was conducted to investigate whether Motala Lasarett had the possibility in the built structure to change its current food system to Fleximat, which means larger preparation kitchens, seating areas and glass counters with portioned food.
  • Vision work to comprehensively review Motala Lasarett's future needs, current flows and connections will start in the spring of 2023.
  • Several ongoing technical upgrade projects are currently being planned, including replacement of ventilation for surgery, additional insulation and technical upgrades for electricity and plumbing on all floors at Motala Hospital.

Facts and figures

Project name
Motala lasarett

Region Östergötland


Contact person
Johanna Tobisson
+46 724 - 02 26 35

Project team

Project architect
Johanna Tobisson
Architect SAR/MSA, Studio manager

Supervising architect
Anna Hjort
Architect SAR/MSA

Supervising architect
Maria Jönsson
Civil engineer, Deputy Studio Manager

Emelie Jeppsson
Architect SAR/MSA

Stina Yderland
Structural engineer

Malin Ingemarsdotter Jönsson
Landscape architect LAR/MSA

Accessibility expert
Maria Listrup
Architect SAR/MSA

BAS-P, description
Lars Nilsson

BIM coordination
Mårten Fridberg
Construction engineer, BIM manager