Right next to Västerås city center is Kopparlunden, a large business area with more than a hundred years of history that is of national interest for the cultural environment. On the initiative of the City of Västerås, the area is being transformed into a mixed-use city and FOJAB is working on the northern detailed plan on behalf of the property owners. The planning work is run as a so-called developer-driven plan, which means that FOJAB, in addition to preparing the basis for the detailed plan, also prepares planning documents and coordinates investigations.

Kopparlunden will be a district with a dense and mixed urban development, where existing buildings and its overall streets and places will form the base that fills the district with a viable and mixed content. The historic industrial environment is the basis for the area's identity and a quality that is utilized when the area is developed. Existing buildings are adapted to new functions and new buildings are added without losing the area's identity and character.

The area is planned with a number of city blocks that are divided into open and closed blocks to reflect the land that was developed or undeveloped during previous land use on the site. Active ground floors with shops face the main street in the south and the new north-south pedestrian street, while the other blocks are given their urban character through well-designed entrances to the street and houses in street life around private courtyards. There are also plans for two preschools with generous open spaces adjacent to green paths that contribute to ecosystem services and quality of life for residents and workers in the area.

Facts and figures

Project name

SveaReal, Riksbyggen, Peab och Balder genom RED Management


100 000 m² BTA. 900 apartments, two preschools, offices, retirement homes, businesses, etc.


Contact person
Magnus Lundström
+46 727 - 17 31 12

Project team

Joanna Attvall
Architect SAR/MSA, Quality and environmental management officer

Karin Fagerberg
Architect SAR/MSA, Head of Operations

Magnus Lundström
Architect SAR/MSA

Simon Kallioinen
Architect MAA, Lab director