Klagshamns Ridanläggning

Klagshamns Ridanläggning

Klagshamns Ridanläggning

Klagshamn's cape is located about 10 km south of Malmö and protrudes a good distance into the Öresund. It forms in the south shallow sandy beaches excellent for riding. For a long time Klagshamns Ryttarsällskap was housed here in a disused concrete factory. When the City of Malmö planned for a new riding facility, it was natural to build on the same site as the concrete factory, with its proximity to sandy beaches and riding paths along the sea. The municipality also chose to turn the demolished concrete factory into a ruin park.

The location of the buildings is parallel to the ruins of the concrete factory. The two main buildings, the stables and the riding hall have distinctive cohesive roof surfaces that bridge different functions in the facility. The buildings are staggered so that different site formations arise in interaction with the ruins, entrance courtyard plan, operating courtyard plan, riding arena plan, etc. The location of the buildings also provides fine views of the nearby Öresund. There are gardens east of the ruin park.

The buildings have the character of open shell buildings with clearly defined spaces (house in house) depending on temperature and functional requirements. The use of horses means that movement in and out of the buildings feels natural and without a sharp boundary between outside and inside.

Roof and wall materials are simple and directly linked to function and building physics. Concrete elements closest to the ground in the base and wall that can withstand stresses from machines/horses/snow/rain/wind etc. Walls and roofs are glulam structures in the form of columns and beams that clearly reflect the load-bearing structure of the buildings. Perforated sheet metal in the facade provides several interacting effects - natural ventilation, daylight, views - insights, sound absorption. It is also cost-effective. Above all, perforated sheeting ensures moisture balance through natural air exchange. Robust building materials such as concrete, glulam, brick can withstand the forces of the harsh environment in which the houses are located and will wear/age naturally and beautifully.

The site was previously occupied by brick buildings whose bricks are recycled in parts of the stables and riding hall. The ground/floor covering consists not only of gravel pitches, but also of wooden cubes, concrete and concrete slabs that are both outside and inside, which further reinforces the dissolved meeting between outdoors and indoors.

Region Skåne Architecture Prize 2018

Facts and figures

Project name
Klagshamns Ridanläggning

Malmö Stad


About 6 hectares of land
4 600 m² of buildings


Contact person
Mats Molén
+46 702 - 56 66 60

Project team

Mats Molén
Architect SAR/MSA

Anna Lavén
Architect SAR/MSA

Felix Gerlach