In the rapidly expanding district of Hyllie, FOJAB was commissioned to plan and design a new office building at the station square. The building is linked to the parking garage behind it and connects on every other floor. On the ground floor there are retail premises and a passage through the block.

The heart of the building is the generous stairwell, whose strong form winds upwards over the glass floor. The building's facade consists of a double-glazed structure where the outer layer uses white dots to create a pattern that mimics the cracking of ice. The pattern varies in density across the floors and creates a soft transition between transparent and dense surfaces in the façade inside.

A composition of stainless steel frames breaks through the outer layer of glass in places, creating breathing space in an otherwise smooth and shiny facade. In the arcade courtyard facing the square, the facade is clad with oiled oak ribs whose warm color tone contrasts with the otherwise cold facade at the top.

The volume of the building, with its broken facade lines, reinforces the character of a block of ice and at the same time relates to the stepping up of the parking garage behind it. The interplay of volumes creates large terrace areas with views of the square in the west, the city in the north and the Scanian rapeseed fields in the south.

Facts and figures

Project name

Byggnadsfirman Otto Magnusson AB


6 000 m²


Contact person
Anders Eriksson Modin
+46 703 - 08 23 96

Project team

Anders Eriksson Modin
Architect SAR/MSA, Sustainability Manager

Niklas Sonestad
Architect MSA/MAA, Deputy Studio Manager

Magnus Tellhed
Architect SAR/MSA

Alper Sjöstrand
Construction engineer, Control officer

Ida Stavenow
Architect SAR/MSA, Studio manager

Mårten Fridberg
Construction engineer, BIM manager

Olivier Gras
Architect SAR/MSA, DPLG

Felix Gerlach