Hotell Marenplan

Hotell Marenplan

Hotell Marenplan

Södertälje's city center will become more attractive and vibrant, and an important piece of the puzzle is the new hotel building next to Lake Maren. The building - with a hotel, several restaurants, a conference department and a training facility - will be a landmark for the city and a meeting place for both Södertälje residents and visitors.

Marenplan is a favorite place for many Södertälje residents but has not been used to its full potential for many years. The area around Maren is a priority development area according to the program for Södertälje's city center 2009-2029 and the vision is to develop Marenplan into a more appealing place with more water contact, which invites people to stay, socialize and attend events.

Here, the new hotel building will contribute to creating a vibrant meeting place where the city opens up to the water. The design of the building in relation to neighboring properties and the interaction with the public environment has been in focus in the work on a new detailed plan. The building should have high architectural quality, represent its time and take into account the urban environment.

The hotel contains 200 guest rooms, a lounge, bars, a restaurant, outdoor seating on a terrace facing the lake, a conference area and a training facility. The three lower floors are public and are designed with a focus on openness in design and experience to create movement and security in the surrounding area. The hotel and restaurant entrances are placed on the two floors that connect to the street and Marenplan respectively, creating a natural path down to the water.

The ground floor will house three restaurants and the floor above can accommodate the hotel's larger restaurant with space for conference guests. The third floor is intended to be used as a restaurant and event venue with access to terraces overlooking Maren.

The hotel's sky bar is located at the top of the building with great views. A lower terrace, at the same level as Ekdalsgatan, runs around the building and will be open to the public.

Facts and figures

Project name
Hotell Marenplan



12 000 m², 180 hotel rooms

Ongoing, to be completed in 2024

Contact person
Per Aage Nilsson
+46 706 - 29 24 23

Project team

Project architect
Per Aage Nilsson
Architect SAR/MSA

Supervising architect 
Johan Sennström
Architect SAR/MSA

Lars Aage Nilsson
Architect SAR/MSA

Contributing civil engineer
Adrian Duveholt
Civil Engineer, Digital Leader BIM

Visualizations (exterior)