FOJAB has been responsible for the design and planning of the transformation of the central shopping area Hansa in Malmö. In close collaboration with the client, we have gilded the commercial areas and the old NK building has once again become a strong meeting place in the city center. The quarters have been given more entrances and refreshed facades for offices, schools, housing, a medical center, services, parking and about 20,000 m² of retail space.

The large department store between Stora Nygatan and Södra promenaden in Malmö opened in 1963, but then as NK. During the 1990s, the department store changed its name to Hansacompagniet.

Kv. Stadt Hamburg, Hansagallerian, was largely already rebuilt with several new players and a completely new design. The block has changed with more shop entrances and major facade changes to open up for a more active city life around the buildings. In this way, the walk from Gustav Adolfs torg becomes more exciting and full of experiences.

Kv. Lybeck, the Hansa department store, was fundamentally changed to return to a more open department store of the NK character. The upper floor contains mainly clothing and fashion stores, while the ground floor includes restaurants and shops for cosmetics, accessories, books and shoes, with new store entrances opening up the ground floor to the city streets.

Major changes and redesign were also made to the lower floor, including a market hall format, a new restaurant square and cooking-related shops. The concept changed the opening hours of the neighborhood, with more people in the evenings, which the city needs. The work also included a new facade and a rebuilt garage. The project started in 2014 and the shopping area was rebuilt and ready for opening in the fall of 2017.

The district contains much more than just retail space. There are offices, homes, a school and a medical center. Many of these activities have been planned and rebuilt in parallel with the redevelopment of the shopping area. The aim has been to create a better whole and an opportunity for all activities in the district to develop as a result of the extensive redevelopment.


Facts and figures

Project name

AREIM och HEA Property Partner


36.000 m²

Completed, 2018

Contact person
Per Aage Nilsson
+46 706 - 29 24 23

Project team

Per Aage Nilsson
Architect SAR/MSA

Adrian Duveholt
Civil Engineer, Digital Leader BIM

Johan Sennström
Architect SAR/MSA

Kerstin Sigbo
Architect SAR/MSA

Lars Aage Nilsson
Architect SAR/MSA