Gjutformen 2

Gjutformen 2

Gjutformen 2

The Gjutformen 2 block in Limhamn is a residential block that has been designed, built and managed based on high sustainability goals. A holistic approach has been taken to the sustainability aspects where the tenants are also involved.

The block is built around a raised common courtyard and houses 191 eco-smart rental apartments, a café and a gym on the ground floor. The number of floors varies between 4 and 7.

Neighborhood formation with exterior landscaping
The outer wing of the block to the south and east is a brick building standing on top of an untreated concrete plinth. The red brick relates to the existing red industrial brick buildings along Limhamnsvägen, the engine shed south of the block, and the red brick schools and homes along Packhusgatan.

Along Gjutformsgatan in the west and north, the facade changes shape above the base floor to the same white-painted concrete elements as the neighboring Gjuteriet 23. The white facades help to keep the narrow street space bright, keep the material palette of the two blocks together and provide climbing greenery. The concrete facades have a powerful character with visible concrete joints that give a heavy and robust impression.

The inner courtyard
The courtyard environment has various living areas for residents, play areas and bicycle parking. The different levels of the courtyard are accessible to all through ramps, stairs and low slopes.

A favorable microclimate provides good conditions for vegetation and invites people to stay. Built-up planting hills and larger plant beds allow for trees of different sizes and varieties. Stormwater is managed in open visible stormwater channels, which after a rain make a rippling sound and are an asset for birds, insects and children's play.

The apartments
The rental apartments have open floor plans throughout, with kitchens and storage integrated into the wall sections. The apartments have raw unpainted concrete ceilings, two-strip oak parquet and white tiled bathrooms with black ceilings. Large windows provide bright and spacious rooms. The largest corner apartments have built-in gas fireplaces and central vacuum cleaners. The building's well-insulated construction combined with heat recovery from air results in a very low energy requirement. The room height is a generous 2.7 meters - or even 3.6 meters in the ground floor apartments facing Limhamnsvägen. Lower built-up parts help to form spatialities.

Mobility measures and parking lifts
Mobility measures that enable sustainable travel have been an important prerequisite. The building has access to a car and bicycle pool, and bus passes are included in the rent. In the basement there is a compact two-level car park with platform lifts. This means that more space can be used for the green and inviting courtyard environment.

Facts and figures

Project name
Gjutformen 2

Vita Örn


21 000 m² total GFA, 191 apartments, two premises

Completed in 2021

Contact person
Mattias Essner
+46 730 - 20 69 87

Project team

Project architect
Mattias Essner
Architect SAR/MSA, Studio manager

Supervising architect
Erik Sandberg
Architect SAR/MSA

Karin Andersson
Architect MSA

Caroline Hertzman
Landscape architect LAR/MSA, Deputy studio manager

Magdalena Stefanowicz
Architect MSc, Environmental and energy engineer

Ylva Petersson
Landscape architect