FOJAB has designed the office building with roof park which will be a workplace for 700 people. The foyer is located in the South Nyhamnen, an area that is undergoing an exciting urban transformation. Environment and sustainability, flexible office space and people's well-being at work have been at the heart of the design.

The office building is an early cornerstone in the ambition to build an urban and sustainable district, which grows together with Malmö Central, and forms a new vibrant center. With its location just north of the station area the Foyer becomes a new entrance to the Malmö Central Station and the entire station area.

The foyer consists of eight floors with a total of 7,700 m² of office space and 1,100 m² for retail and services at street level. The office building is given a strong design in brick that clearly expresses the building's volume and facade rhythm. A warm and welcoming living room, an open meeting place for everyone, greets you at the entrance. Here we have worked a lot with the contrasts between raw materials and the soft lines and textiles of the interior. A generous staircase leads to the companies' offices.

Office space that can change over time
The office space is flexible and can be tailored to the needs of the tenants. There are opportunities for individual offices or activity-based office solutions with a variety of sizes and types of rooms. The top offices will each have a terrace with seating in the sun.

Takpark for biodiversity
Up on the roof there is a common roof park with seaside meadow character in the form of an undulating landscape with wooden poles, ornamental grasses and herbs. A total of 26 different types of plants have been planted, which benefits biodiversity. and creates a experiential stay. Here you can both walk and sit down for a moment of rest and look out over the landscape. city.


Green building
The foyer is an eco-smart building that focuses on the well-being of both people and the environment. On the roof there are 200 m² of solar panels producing 30000kWh/year, which is enough to charge electric cars and provide lighting for rooftop promenade.

In addition to a BREEAM environmental certification, the building has also been certified under The WELL system. Building Standard® (WELL), a new international building standard focusing on human well-being at work with seven different focus areas: air, water, nutrition, light, exercise, well-being and mind. The technical measures such as acoustics, daylight and ventilation are complemented by soft parameters such as art, contact with nature, activity-promoting design but also relaxing environments to further improve the working environment. One example is the stairwell, which has been adorned withthe artist Emma Rytofts playful paintings to encourage more people to take the stairs.

Sweden Green Building Award, BREEAM building of the year 2020
Nominated for Gröna Lansen 2020 - the City of Malmö's award for environmentally sustainable and climate-smart construction.

Facts and figures

Project name



12 000 m² BTA

Completed, 2020

Contact person
Charlotte Kristensson
+46 727 - 18 88 44

Project team

Alper Sjöstrand
Construction engineer, Control officer

Bahador Mohammadi
Architect SAR/MSA

Charlotte Kristensson
Architect SAR/MSA

Haydar Alward
Architect SAR/MSA, Deputy Studio Manager

Jens Dymling
Architect SAR/MSA

Sara Schlyter
Landscape architect LAR/MSA

Felix Gerlach