Djursjukhuset Malmö

Djursjukhuset Malmö

Djursjukhuset Malmö

Animal care requires a special type of facility. At Evidensia Djursjukhuset in Malmö, we have designed an extension where complex relationships, a good working environment and consideration for the patients form the basis of the design. 

Evidensia Djursjukhuset in Malmö needed larger and modern premises to meet today's needs and offer the highest quality care. We have worked with many of Evidensia's clinics and have solid expertise in how an animal clinic works with special flows and logistics.

The animal hospital in Malmö has been expanded with a modern surgical ward, nursing ward, infection ward, intensive care and, on the second floor, office space. In addition to the new building, some of the existing premises have been rebuilt and renovated.

The extension has a strong formal concept where a larger rectangular shape in natural-colored wood is gripped by a smaller volume clad with aluminum rhombuses in a reddish-brown color. The materiality and color scheme takes its inspiration from the existing Skånelänga animal hospital, with its bright ground floor and red roof.

A glazed corridor acts as a spine that connects the new departments. The extension signals the future and creates an exciting contrast to the existing Skånelängan. Complex connections and a complex structure are housed in a simple and clear design language.

Facts and figures

Project name
Djursjukhuset Malmö

Evidensia och NCC


About 3 600 m m²

Completed in 2021

Contact person
Rebecca Saaby Mehlum
+46 706 - 81 58 30

Project team

Project architect
Rebecca Saaby Mehlum
Architect SAR/MSA, Office Manager Helsingborg

Supervising architect
Sara Mårtensson
Structural engineer

Supervising engineer
Viveka Nordh Premmert
Structural engineer