Dungen is an office building directly adjacent to Hyllie station. The building is classified according to Miljöbyggnad Gold, which has been an important starting point for the building's expression and design language. Indoor tree plantings tie in with the garden that previously existed on the site. FOJAB has designed and planned both the building and the interior.

The block is designed with six floors above ground and two underground parking levels below ground. The building is characterized by sustainable and durable materials that will age beautifully. The design of the Dungen office building consists of three main parts: the atrium, the plinth and the facades.

The atrium - a warm interior
The elevated atrium is the heart of the building. The light and warm wooden feel of the atrium welcomes tenants and visitors and is the building's entrance and natural meeting place. The neighborhood name Dungen is manifested by a tree planting at the main entrance where you move up along the tree trunks towards the atrium and the foliage. The greenery and the feeling of wood are recurring elements in the building's interior environment. A generous roof light provides daylight to the office areas facing the atrium.

The plinth - building the city
Where the building meets the ground, the materials and detailing can be approached closely. In Dungen, the plinth floor has been clad in dark brick, detailed with roller shading and pattern masonry. The plinth holds the building together and gives it an urban weight. Retail premises and center functions activate the urban space and contribute to making the area around Hyllie station square a vibrant place.

Facades - smart geometry
The facades have two different expressions. More closed to the south and more open to the north. The characterful curvature of the eastern facade gives life and composition to the building with its shadow play, while helping to meet the requirements of the Gold environmental building. The unique geometry is strengthened by clear material handling, an enveloping material in a light color and floor-high windows.

FOJAB was responsible for the entire interior design assignment, which was carried out in close cooperation with the client. Two office floors are designed for activity-based workplaces.

Malmö Urban Design Award 2019

Facts and figures

Project name



15 000 m² GFA

Completed, 2019

Contact person
Anders Eriksson Modin
+46 703 - 08 23 96

Project team

Anders Eriksson Modin
Architect SAR/MSA, Sustainability Manager

Behrooz Taleb
Architect SAR/MSA

Filip Loguin Hjärne
Architect MSA/MAA

Maria Listrup
Architect SAR/MSA

Petra Jenning
Architect SAR/MSA, Development Manager

Sara Ericsson
Architect SAR/MSA

Lars Nilsson

Lisa Mannheimer
Architect SIR/MSA

Mårten Fridberg
Construction engineer, BIM manager

Åsa Jönsson
Architect SIR/MSA

Markus Linderoth, Dancing Cameras