Barkarbystaden, kvarter 3

Barkarbystaden, kvarter 3

Barkarbystaden, kvarter 3

In the heart of Barkarbystaden, a distinctive urban quarter is being built, inspired by grandiose urban environments and the remnants of the airline operations on the site.

Barkarbystaden is emerging as a new regional city center in the metropolitan area. Block 3 is located right next to the new metro station and fronts the central Sveatorget square. The block is divided into eleven staircases with public premises on the ground floor. The apartments are efficiently planned with furniture, views and large balconies as keywords.

The design concept is based on three different characters that together create a varied but coherent whole. Common to the entire block is a vertical division by stairwell and a horizontal division in the form of a plinth, body and crown. The block varies in height and is manifested by three "towers" that emphasize the two rounded corners and the central location by the square.

Towards the square and the main street, the building has a metropolitan character with a clear structure and relief. Representative facades and recessed balconies provide a pleasant rhythm that contributes to the life and movement of the city. The high plinth floor contains retail premises and around the residential entrances the influence of Barkarby airfield can be seen in the form of hangar-shaped arches. The shape is repeated in the crown, but the arches are then turned upside down.

The second half of the block has the character of a small town with classic facades in rich colors. Here, the detailing is simpler, with varying coarseness of the plaster and work on the base floor, around entrances, windows and crowns.

FOJAB's proposal was selected following parallel assignments.

Facts and figures

Project name
Barkarbystaden, kvarter 3



24 500 m² GTA


Contact person
Jens Larsson
+46 761 - 65 61 63

Project team

Anna Thorell
Architect SAR/MSA

Jens Larsson
Architect SAR/MSA, Market Area Manager Stockholm

Sara Sandkvist Gustafsson
Architect MSA

Sergey Fedatsenka

Sergio Barba
Architect SAR/MSA

Sofia Carlberg