Arenatorget och Slutspelsparken

Arenatorget och Slutspelsparken

Arenatorget och Slutspelsparken

FOJAB has designed and produced a design manual for Arenatorget and Slutspelsparken, in connection with the new Klostergården IP in Lund. The work has also included planning for the park, square and entrance areas.

The vision has been a youthful place with activity-based design and exciting, yet robust surfaces. Distinctive green hills extend the embankment that surrounds the sports field and create a dramatic spatiality by undulating up and down the extension of the embankment. The green hills control movement and views, stimulating activity and play while providing privacy and tranquillity.

Equipment and materials are inspired by the various activities taking place in the area. These include a hill shaped like a football and large hockey pucks as seating elements, as well as handball goals, swings and bike racks. The lighting is inspired by the stadium's floodlights and the ground surfaces by patterns and lines in different shapes. The common denominator is the black and white graphics with elements of red in the equipment details. Together, these elements create a dynamic whole - a sports facility that is accessible to all.

Facts and figures

Project name
Arenatorget och Slutspelsparken

Lunds kommun


15 000 m²

Completed, 2016

Contact person
Caroline Hertzman
+46 725 - 24 95 30

Project team

Sara Schlyter
Landscape architect LAR/MSA

Caroline Hertzman
Landscape architect LAR/MSA, Deputy studio manager