What information can we get from an early, simple volume sketch? This question led us to create a tool we call VolumeAnalysis.

VolumeAnalysis is an interactive tool that provides real-time, continuous information on areas, daylight conditions, sunlight hours, solar energy, views and average U-value. We can also choose to weight these different measures into a single metric, to see how well the building performs overall. By constantly having these different analyses at the touch of a button, we can get direct feedback on how well our buildings are performing as we sketch and design the building volumes.

The tool acts as a framework, and new analyses can easily be added to the system. This allows us to customize the tool to examine the qualities that we consider important for this particular project. VolumeAnalysis makes our early sketching process well-informed and efficient.

Project team

Henrik Malm
Architect, Development Manager FOJABcode

Petra Jenning
Architect SAR/MSA, Development Manager