Robots that build

Robots that build

Robotization and automation have been explored for decades to improve the efficiency of construction, yet we see few traces of this in production in Sweden. With construction robots, buildings can become more advanced and high-performance, while improving the work environment and equality on construction sites. FOJAB is driving this development in close collaboration with academia, contractors, material suppliers and robot companies.

Through a series of development projects, we are exploring the opportunities and challenges of robotizing the construction process, focusing on how we can simultaneously achieve buildings that are more sustainable and better adapted to their specific location and situation.

As architects, we are particularly curious about the new possibilities that are opening up for the built environment as processes are robotized and automated. How can we make buildings do more? How do technological developments affect and change what is possible, both practically and economically? And how can we work with that change already in our design process to maximize the benefits?

Curious to know more? The final report for the project Production automation in concrete construction can be accessed via the SBUF website.

The newly formed Center for Building Robotics at LTH holds regular seminars and lectures.

Petra Jenning, Henrik Malm

LTH Center for Building Robotics
LTH Robotlab
LTH Control Technology, Computer Science and Architecture

Project team

Petra Jenning
Architect SAR/MSA, Development Manager

Henrik Malm
Architect, Development Manager FOJABcode