Testing in real construction projects

Testing in real construction projects

The construction industry is currently being digitized with new digital technologies, methods and processes. For these to be implemented in construction on a larger scale, they first need to be tested. Testing new digital solutions in real, ongoing construction projects requires extra preparation and consideration of all situations that may arise. The project Test in real construction projects studies the large digitalization project Connected construction site to be able to disseminate the project's lessons on test methodology to accelerate the innovation speed of the construction industry.

The construction sector is undergoing rapid digital development with ongoing IT-related projects. Tests of digital technologies linked to new ways of working and building need to be carried out on construction sites to verify and adjust prototype solutions before they are put into operation or rejected. For example, testing personnel need to be able to easily establish appropriate mobile infrastructure for handling large amounts of data in real time.

At present, there are no standardized descriptions for how these tests are done on an ongoing construction site with minimum disturbance. The purpose of the project is to make it easier for construction companies to perform more tests on construction sites. The goal is to describe various test cases and draw lessons from them about how tests should be carried out to efficiently, robustly and quickly connect reliable mobile infrastructure and test various digital solutions in, for example, simulation, blueprint-free construction projects and digital manufacturing.

The test cases will provide structured guidance and inspiration for test personnel, project managers and others who will establish a connected IT environment in a construction project and conduct tests. The result is intended to provide a spin-off for most of those involved in the construction process in various ways, such as installation companies, building material industries and even developers. The approach is to follow the Smart Built Environment project Connected Construction Site and its host company.

Team: Soon Hammarström, Soon.nu; Lovisa Bengtsson, Sustainable Innovation; Petra Jenning, FOJAB; Per Danielsson, Skanska; Eleonore Gustavsson, Different Advokat; Rebecka Guilding, Different Advokat.

The project is co-financed by Smart Built Environment and SBUF.