Parametric facade study

Parametric facade study

The lab project was carried out in connection with the design of a parking garage in Sigtuna stadsängar. There was a desire for a facade in wood that would be perceived as interesting both from the close and slow perspective of the pedestrian and from the fast perspective of the cars. This is due to the location of the building with one side facing the Sigtuna Stadsängar district and the other side facing Uppsalavägen where traffic passes at high speed. To quickly test different alternative designs and develop them further, a parametric program was built within the framework of FOJABlab.

The facade in the current project was then given a different design, but the program and the facade study lived on and was instead used for another parking garage in Sigtuna Stadsängar.


Project team

Simon Kallioinen
Architect MAA, Lab director

Magnus Lundström
Architect SAR/MSA