Let life come to them - planning for generations

Let life come to them - planning for generations

There is a gap between ordinary housing and institutional care, between full autonomy and the need for 24-hour care. The last decade has seen the emergence of more forms of housing with different content, such as sheltered housing and transitional housing. However, demographic trends show that this is a segment that will grow. The goal of the Lab project was to develop a principle for future generational housing in the city and identify key aspects for a successful mix of functions in order to deepen the discussion on what is value-creating in the planning of a lifetime home, both for the individual and society.

The study and sketch were based on the premise that many people want to stay in their area for as long as possible and can only consider changing their home if the alternative is sufficiently attractive. Since people make high and more specific demands on their housing today than in the past, this suggests that there should be room for greater diversification of housing environments. The relocation chain also benefits if older people can consider moving earlier so that the supply of single-family houses, for example, increases on the market.

We also see a tendency that when municipalities build community properties, large units with homogeneous content are created instead of mixing functions and co-using selected parts. We believe that from an urban planning perspective, mixing functions is more socially sustainable. There is also a great benefit in creating good conditions for different generations to live close to each other in order to be able to help with the everyday puzzle and counteract loneliness and isolation.

By building for all the senses and introducing vegetation and greenery as a natural element, a stimulating, soothing and healing living environment is created, resulting in a healthier life both physically and mentally.

The above aspects were incorporated into the material, which provides a platform for further discussion on living environments, co-use and urban planning.

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Project team

Elise Lindahl
Architect SAR/MSA, Sustainability Strategist

Pia Månsson
Architect SAR/MSA, Studio manager

Géraldine Storb