Facade study Isblocket, Hyllie

Facade study Isblocket, Hyllie

During the work on the facade of the Isblocket office building in Hyllie, Malmö, we wanted to develop a way of working where we use our digital model to quickly develop different options for pattern size and distribution that can then be tested in reality to determine the effect at close and far distances. The facade tests were conducted within FOJABlab in order to sharpen our working method when it comes to developing and evaluating different facade alternatives.

A script controlled the size and distribution of the pattern to be printed in layers on the glass, creating a three-dimensional effect. The pattern would also act as a partial sunscreen, improving the working environment for those working in the building.

Different variants could be quickly tested at full scale in the office to determine how the pattern worked up close and rendered to understand the effect at a distance.

The result was a method that allows us to better and more efficiently evaluate facade patterns based on aesthetic, functional and technical requirements.

See also Ice block.

Project team

Anders Eriksson Modin
Architect SAR/MSA, Sustainability Manager

Niklas Sonestad
Architect MSA/MAA, Deputy Studio Manager