Within the FOJABcode development platform, we work with computational design to investigate the possibilities that digital development opens up for the design of the city and architecture. We explore and shape the changing role of the architect in a future digital construction industry. Using new digital tools, from sketching to fabrication, we open up a new architecture. We create high-performance unique buildings, well adapted to their specific site and conditions through a flexible and efficient process.

The high demands of modern society, together with the increasing availability of data and information, make both the design process and the building itself more complex than ever before. Through advanced digital modeling where analysis and simulation are integrated into the design, we meet these new challenges. Our models go beyond formalism to describe behavior, process and performance. In this way, we can gain a better understanding of how our built environment behaves and functions before it is constructed.

Digital developments also leave their mark on the manufacturing and production phase. We therefore work with cross-border collaborations where we together explore how tomorrow's digital and robotized construction industry creates new conditions for architecture.

New digital tools in symbiosis with humans create the conditions for an informed creative process where information flows freely between sketch, factory, building, user and city.

Through curiosity, excellence and deep commitment, FOJABcode is co-creating the architecture of tomorrow.

Henrik Malm, responsible for FOJABcode
Petra Jenning
Simon Kallionen

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