Bending along curved lines

Bending along curved lines

In collaboration with Plåtexpressen AB, we have developed a method for bending sheet metal along curved lines. The bending is done freely, without specific tools or templates, which leads to a minimized additional cost for unique panels.

When bending along straight lines, we can intuitively understand how the bent material will turn out. When the bending line is a curve, this is not so easy. Therefore, we have developed a digital model that simulates the bending process. The result is a digital twin of what happens in the workshop.

The digital simulation of the bending process allows us to understand what the bending line should look like to give a certain result, but it also allows for a minimal and simplified information flow between design and production.

The development work has resulted in a pavilion and speaker podium for Plåt16 in Gothenburg in 2016 and a facade for the Dockan parking garage in Västerås.

Cooperation partners
Plåtexpressen AB

Project team

Edvin Bylander

Elise Lindahl
Architect SAR/MSA, Sustainability Strategist

Petra Jenning
Architect SAR/MSA, Development Manager

Behrooz Taleb
Architect SAR/MSA