More and more people around the world are moving into cities, including in Sweden. Our three largest cities are poised for massive population growth over the next 25 years. Malmö is expected to have 500 000 inhabitants by 2050, up from about 340 000 today. How do we plan for these people? What does the city look like? And above all, what qualities and values should we safeguard and allow to guide development?

To answer these questions, we developed a software called 'CityFiction - Scenarios for densification'. It is a laboratory for exploring how different qualities and values affect where and how the city should be developed.

The work was published at the conference Simulation in Architecture and Urban Design in Atlanta 2019.

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Project team

Henrik Malm
Architect, Development Manager FOJABcode

Petra Jenning
Architect SAR/MSA, Development Manager