Wrangelska Park in Landskrona - accessible, safe and inviting

Wrangelska Park is a popular park and meeting place in central Landskrona, with a history dating back to the 19th century. In recent years, the park and the adjacent streets have been neglected and are now in need of renovation. FOJAB has been commissioned by the municipality to come up with a sketch proposal on how we can improve the park and activate life in and around the park. The municipality's vision is to make the park more accessible, safe and able to benefit more people. The streets adjacent to the park will also become more inviting.

The sketch proposal is based on the municipality's vision and the time when the park was established in the 19th century. Plants and materials have been chosen to tie in with the history. The aim is to provide an overview of the park as you move through it.

- We have chosen to create different spaces in the park and make the existing pond accessible by creating a footbridge over the pond and footpaths with seating. To create security and clear views, existing bushes have been removed. We have also created more places and activities for young people. There will be a pump track and a trampoline next to the park. The existing playground is being renovated and our goal is that it will also breathe 19th century in terms of material selection and design," says Caroline Hertzman, responsible landscape architect at FOJAB.

The existing rose garden will remain. We are creating a leafy meeting place, framing it, facilitating maintenance and creating clear pathways and entrances. There is also a bird sanctuary in the park that will be opened up and made accessible, with wooden steps floating above the ground to allow movement through the dense vegetation. This will be a playful element for children.