Vibrant urban spaces in Stockholm Royal Seaport - Sweden's largest urban development area

FOJAB arkitekter continues to design street spaces and a playground in Kolkajen, Stockholm's new waterfront district at Lilla Värtan.

The street spaces are important links in the new district and will be designed with stormwater, greenery and quality of life in focus. On the waterfront, we are designing a large playground with a natural character, where lush trees and undulating wooden structures create a stimulating play environment.

Kolkajen is part of Stockholm's major investment in the development of Stockholm Royal Seaport and one of Sweden's largest development areas. Stockholm wants to create good conditions for cyclists and pedestrians, and the ambition is to create a neighborhood that is as car-free as possible. The number of parking spaces per apartment is low. The most sustainable and climate-smart district in Sweden will be built.

FOJAB arkitekter has also worked on a quality program that forms the basis for the detailed plan for the area and for the continued design. Through a previous prequalification and parallel assignment, FOJAB arkitekter has entered into a framework agreement with the City of Stockholm for the continued work.