Two new partners in FOJAB

FOJAB has been expanding for a long time, which is now also reflected in the ownership group. At the owners' meeting in December, architects Ylva Åborg and Johanna Raflund Tobisson were elected as new partners.

FOJAB is one of the country's leading architectural firms with about 150 employees and offices in Malmö, Stockholm and Helsingborg. FOJAB has been employee-owned since 1990 and currently has 30 owners. The partnership is based on business acumen and a shared basic view of architecture, fundamental values and a vision for the future of the company.

Ylva Åborg is an architect SAR/MSA and office manager at FOJAB's Stockholm office, with many years of leadership experience and a strong commitment to sustainability. Ylva works primarily with real estate development, is an experienced process manager and has always worked with business development in parallel with her architectural work. Ylva represents a holistic view and a genuine desire to look after the company's best interests. She is driven, energetic and has an open attitude combined with clear integrity. In addition to the leadership of the Stockholm office, Ylva has acted clearly on the Stockholm market.

Johanna Raflund Tobisson is an architect SAR/MSA, studio manager, responsible for the competence area care at FOJAB and to drive the work for FOJAB's investment in community properties. Johanna works with complex healthcare projects and technology-heavy buildings with high demands on logistics, connections and flows, with real estate development plans and process management of business development. She has a great commitment to FOJAB, is commercially driven and shows a strategic skill regarding internal and external issues. Johanna has a good ability to see and listen to employees and her social skills lead to developed customer relationships, both new and existing.

- The new partners are skilled architects, business strategists and good leaders with great trust from both customers and employees. They are good additions to the ownership group and will develop and strengthen FOJAB," says CEO Daniel Nord.