Meet FOJAB in Almedalen

See you in Almedalen? This year we are particularly keen to talk about this:

👉AI and the potential for the built environment. Can we use the power of digital development to strengthen soft values and human needs?

👉What stands in the way of sustainability? What new partnerships can break new ground?

👉How can yesterday's buildings meet today's and tomorrow's needs? Where do we draw inspiration for a successful transformation - in the US, Asia or Europe?

This year FOJAB is represented in Almedalen by ten architects from our offices in Malmö, Stockholm and Gothenburg. Feel free to book us for talks and panels, invite us to events and mingle or just grab us on the street for a chat. Our contact details and specialties:


Kjell Adamsson, Deputy CEO and Head of Business Development. Architect with a focus on early stages, strong ideas and development of new projects in close dialog with our clients. Runs complex projects with a particular focus on legal buildings. Happy to talk about how we as architects can help develop and transform existing properties in a sustainable way in a time of both climate and economic challenges.

Mobile: +46 708 - 83 80 82


Karin Fagerberg, Head of Operations. Architect specializing in urban planning processes and design of major urban development areas. Always looking for learning collaborations and developing future urban environments with unique qualities paired with feasibility.

Mobile: +46 705 - 27 46 15


Magdalena Hedman, marketing manager, responsible for the urban development competence area. Curious about the world, innovation, urban development, research and collaborations that lead to sustainable urban development. Likes to talk about trends in the world around us and the social, ecological and climatic benefits of urban planning.

Mobile: +46 708 - 47 05 50


Petra Jenning, innovation manager for FOJAB's research and development initiatives. Theme leader for the strategic innovation program Smart Built Environment, sits on the sustainability council of Svensk Byggplåt and guest blogs for Sweden's Architects. Likes to talk about the future, innovation power, climate calculation, reuse and digitization.

Mobile phone: +46 722 – 36 12 44

Fredrik Kjellgren, office manager for FOJAB in Gothenburg. Always looking for interesting collaborations and to develop projects, preferably with a focus on urban development, transformation and sustainability.

Mobile: +46 707 - 90 50 88


Carl Kylberg, office manager Malmö. Has worked a lot with offices and relocations and likes to discuss the workplace of the future.

Mobile: +46 709 - 90 30 10


Jens Larsson, market area manager Stockholm and responsible for the competence area real estate development. An architect with a focus on early stages and value creation who is passionate about the possibilities of architecture and the needs and challenges of the outside world and how we can find the projects of the future together.

Mobile phone: +46 761 – 65 61 63


Magnus Lundström, responsible for the competence area urban development. Focuses on urban design and early stages and is passionate about creating sustainable urban environments with high residential values. Likes to talk about how we can achieve housing policy goals even in a declining economy through an increased focus on feasibility in urban development - without compromising on urban quality.

Mobile: +46 727 - 17 31 12


Johanna Raflund Tobisson, responsible for the competence area healthcare. Driven by complexity, connections, flows, security thinking and robust purposeful beautiful architecture. Want to get to know those who have thoughts, ideas, projects or input on how to meet the major challenge of elderly care with high needs and staff shortages and on developments in care and health.

Mobile: +46 724 - 02 26 35


Ylva Åborg, head of the Stockholm office and responsible for the transformation competence area. Architect with a focus on sustainability and process management. Member of the Swedish Architects' Board and leads Klimatarena Stockholm's working group for climate-smart materials and is. Likes to talk about climate-smart choices, circular construction, reuse, security and equality issues and transformation.

Mobile: +46 707 - 95 08 80