Town Hall Skåne inaugurated

On March 21, there was a moving-in ceremony in the new Rådhus Skåne in Kristianstad. To music and inaugural speeches, 700 employees and elected officials took up their new workplace. In a new building behind largely preserved older facades, Region Skåne and Kristianstad Municipality now meet on a daily basis.

The architect behind the project, Greger Dahlström of FOJAB arkitekter, was one of the opening speakers:

- The objective of the program, as presented, was: "an open and accessible meeting and workplace that stimulates renewal and opens up for engaging meetings for citizens and colleagues". Our translation of this into an architectural vision could be formulated as: A modern, efficient and flexible building, which externally and internally exudes openness, transparency and timelessness.

Behind the decision to locate Rådhus Skåne in the center of Kristianstad and immediately adjacent to the railway station is a desire to be close to the citizens. This attitude is also expressed in various ways in the architecture.

- The new entrance towards Stora Torg wants to be the opposite of the monumental entrance - an undramatic meeting with the visitor. The large civic window signals welcoming openness and transparency," says Greger Dahlström.

Once inside, visitors are pleasantly surprised. The block's classic, rather closed facades enclose a completely new modern office that is flooded with light.

- Just as important as daylight is the possibility of views, which allows you to feel the rhythm of the day and follow the changes in the weather. The open office and glass walls provide lines of sight both horizontally and vertically through the building to the surroundings," says Greger Dahlström.

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