Kvarteret Stadsporten, Karlskrona - World Trade Center

Opposite Karlskrona Central Station, the World Trade Center is under construction; an energy-efficient and flexible office block in the heart of an emerging city district.

The World Trade Center is an office building in the form of a classic city block - simple volumes around a leafy courtyard. The composition of the façade borrows from Karlskrona's historic street scenes, while a subordinate band of low windows creates bright and distinctive interior spaces. Above the plinth floor, which opens up to the city, the folded structure of the façade creates a play of shadows reminiscent of the battens and pilasters of the city center. The matte and warm tones of the corten steel are linked to both Falu Rödfärg and local industrial history.

- The corten steel facade material is rustic and robust and anchors the building to the site, a neighborhood that many associate with a history of boat building and shipbuilding. "The building will age with dignity," says Stefan Johansson, the responsible architect.

The new Pottholmen district is a link between Pantarholmen and Trossö, forming a narrow strip of land between Borgmästarefjärden and Kofferdiredden. Pottholmen is being transformed from a railway yard area with low accessibility to a new hub in Karlskrona, where the World Trade Center will be a portal building. Scheduled for completion in December 2020, the office building will welcome visitors and residents to a dynamic new neighborhood.