The neonatal ward at Helsingborg Hospital is completed

In March, Helsingborg's new neonatal ward opened in the eastern wing of the hospital. FOJAB arkitekter, in collaboration with BSK arkitekter, has designed a modern intensive care unit to meet today's and tomorrow's neonatal care with a focus on patient and family-centered care.

The intensive care unit is for babies who are born prematurely or are otherwise sick and need treatment after birth. The new neonatal unit is built for a total of 12 beds. Of these, four are ICU rooms, seven are mother-baby beds and one is an isolation room.

FOJAB was commissioned to design a ward that can meet current and future requirements for efficient and safe care and, not least, the most comfortable environment possible for the parents who will be staying in the ward. The old premises were cramped and the design was not in line with modern neonatal care. Today's neonatal care puts the child and the family at the center and believes that parents should be together with their child throughout the care period. There should also be opportunities for shared care, i.e. the sick mother can be cared for in the same room as the newborn baby.

- The refurbishment is an important investment for the future, providing security for parents and their children and a better working environment for staff. The new premises are larger, brighter and built for care in single-patient/family rooms, which puts the patient and family in focus and reduces the risk of infection spreading on the ward. "The children can be very sensitive and it is important that the environment around the children is adapted so that they can develop and grow at their own pace," says Anna Hjort, responsible architect at FOJAB.

An important starting point in the work on the ward has been daylight, with a focus on lots of glass and views. The patient rooms have been designed with glass doors so that staff can keep an eye on the patient, and to let more light into the premises. Colors and material choices are consistently light with wood elements and permeate the entire eastern wing.

- Together with FOJAB, we have a team that has successfully worked on the new wards for a long time and with high quality. The project has given us the opportunity to develop our experience of large hospital projects for Region Skåne and to grow as an office in Malmö. With this capacity, we are now moving forward with a number of new sub-projects within the framework of the new hospital. These include new facades, a new freight and logistics center and laboratories," says Måns Adamson, Business Manager for Healthcare at BSK Arkitekter.

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