The Dungen office building nominated for the Urban Development Award in Malmö

On Friday morning, the City of Malmö announced the buildings nominated for the Urban Design Award. The Dungen office building in Hyllie is one of the nominated entries and FOJAB has designed and planned both the building and the interior.

The Dungen office building is located at Hyllie station. The building is characterized by sustainable and durable materials that age beautifully and is certified according to Miljöbyggnad Gold, which has been an important starting point for the design of the office building.

- Dungen is designed with high environmental ambitions as a starting point. On site, this can be experienced by the building closing to the south and opening to the north," says Anders Eriksson Modin, responsible architect at FOJAB.

The building takes its name from the grove of trees originally located on the site, which has been resurrected in the form of three large trees that welcome you into the building at the main entrance. Two smaller trees are located higher up in the atrium.

For the most part, Dungen is housed by the Swedish Customs and the interior design has been carried out in close cooperation with the client. Two office floors are designed for activity-based workplaces.

- It has turned out that Swedish Customs also wants this interior design as a standard in their future projects, which of course is a good rating that we are proud of," says Lisa Mannheimer, responsible interior designer at FOJAB.

Dungen is owned by the real estate company Wihlborgs, whose CEO Ulrika Hallengren concludes:

- When we build new buildings, it is important for us to create both a vibrant urban environment and a really good working environment for those who work in the buildings. In Dungen, we have been keen to create a close and warm environment in the interior as a counterbalance to the large scale that can be experienced in the area. The neighborhood is broken down in form and adds qualities to the site in all directions, including the exterior.

Motivation of the jury:
"With high architectural quality and attention to detail, the Dungen office building makes an exemplary contribution to Hyllie. The heart of the building, the generous, north-facing atrium, becomes a shining beacon in the evening as an extension of Arenagatan. Despite the tenant's demand for security, the building feels open and welcoming. Dungen offers an extraordinary working environment; wooden walkways, moss floors and rotating (!) trees, taking the interior and staff to new heights. With a broad sustainability focus, from energy optimization and conscious choice of materials to signs that can be dismantled and reused, the project lives up to its Miljöbyggnad Gold."

About the City of Malmö Urban Design Award
Since 1982, the City of Malmö has awarded an annual urban design prize. The aim is to recognize valuable improvements to Malmö's urban and living environment. The assessment is based on architectural quality, sustainability, function, innovation, process, impact and significance for the city. This year's award will be presented on Urban Development Day on September 6.

Facts about Dungen
Location: Kv. Gimle 1, Hyllie, Malmö
Scope: 15,000 square meters, gross area
Client: Wihlborgs
Responsible architect: Anders Eriksson Modin, FOJAB
Responsible interior designer: Lisa Mannheimer, FOJAB
Environmental certification: Miljöbyggnad Gold


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