City of Stockholm chooses FOJAB architects

FOJAB arkitekter has been selected by the City of Stockholm to develop an urban development concept for the Hjorthagen waterfront in Stockholm Royal Seaport. As one of three architectural offices in a parallel assignment, they will work on the design of one of northern Europe's hottest urban development projects. The procurement also includes a framework agreement for the design of urban structure and public environments in Stockholm Royal Seaport. SEK 2 billion will be invested in sustainable and climate-smart construction in locations that will have Stockholm's highest real estate prices.

Magdalena Hedman is responsible for the project at FOJAB arkitekter:

- This is a dream project in the context of urban development, with explicitly high ambitions from the City of Stockholm. The most sustainable and climate-smart district in Sweden will be built, and we can contribute our expertise. I am really looking forward to this work. Not least because we identify a strong affinity in values with our client, which guarantees a good result.

Stockholm Royal Seaport is one of the largest urban development areas in Stockholm and northern Europe where extensive buildings and facilities are planned to be built over the next 20 years. The area will, in a sustainable and resource-efficient way, accommodate about 35,000 workplaces and about 12,000 new homes with associated services and infrastructure. Half of them will be located in Hjorthagen.

The current phase, Kolkajen-Tjärkajen-Ropsten, is located between Hjorthagsberget and Lilla Värtan, next to the bridge to Lidingö. At present, it is industrial land and a port, which has been used for energy production. The area contains the culturally and historically valuable Vattengasverket, which will be preserved, as well as the Tar Factory and the old Kolkajen. To the southwest is the Ropsten metro station.

The parallel assignments will investigate and show how Hjorthagen's future entrance and waterfront can be designed with a focus on the public urban spaces and parks. The starting point is both overall objectives regarding transport, energy, cycles, buildings, greenery, lifestyles and activities, as well as the specific character and conditions of the site.

- At FOJAB arkitekter, we work in an integrated way with buildings and landscapes in urban development, which provides good conditions for creating attractive urban spaces and places, says Magdalena Hedman. The goal is a dense and mixed neighborhood with a strong identity and high quality urban design. "Not everyone will be able to afford to live here, but everyone will be able to spend time here and enjoy the social life and proximity to the water. We are working towards a permissive city that is there for people and that invites different types of activities.

Work on the parallel assignment will continue until September. After that, an in-depth proposal will be developed, which will form the basis for the upcoming planning work. FOJAB arkitekter has also been awarded a framework agreement with the City Planning Office in the City of Stockholm for the work on Norra Djurgårdstaden, until May 2019.