Sweden's most beautiful office is in Lund

Style, work environment and innovation are in focus when lokalnytt.se chooses Sweden's Most Stylish Office. This year, the prize went to Axis' new head office in Lund, an office building created with comfort in mind and an appreciated workplace for 1,300 people. Behind the project are FOJAB, Landén Krantz and Light Bureau.

On March 24, Sweden's Most Beautiful Office was crowned and Axis was the proud winner. Together with FOJAB, Landén Krantz and Light Bureau, Axis has shared a clear vision, which is evident in the end result.

- It feels great. In a difficult urban location, we have managed to create a landmark with fantastic values, both inside and out. With Axis Grenden, we have managed to make the materiality of both the building and the interior speak the same language and the lighting reinforces the chosen design concepts," says Andreas Jentsch, responsible architect at FOJAB.

Axis' new headquarters is located in the Ideon area of Lund, a research village on the outskirts of the city that is currently undergoing an exciting development. With light Öland limestone, wooden ribs in ash, a rounded, soft design language and many natural viewpoints, the building gives a cozy and welcoming feeling.

- The idea is for the office to feel a bit like a home at work, with plenty of spaces for employees to meet, train together and socialize. "We wanted to create a building that encourages experiences, movement and job satisfaction," says Andreas.

View, gym and heated bike garage
The building's main entrance is located in the corner of the block and inside is a large, bright common entrance square with space for exhibitions, meetings and mingling. A generous staircase leads to the Axis restaurant and further up to the common, green courtyard. At the top is a skylounge and a spacious roof terrace with a 360-degree view of the Scanian landscape. To encourage employees to take the stairs instead of the elevator, there are generous glass panels on each floor that constantly reward you with a new view of the city and the plain. Each employee also gets their own Axis bicycle that can be ridden straight down into a heated garage with shower and changing rooms, and right next door is an airy, glass-roofed gym.

- Well-being has been a key word in the work and the building offers outstanding qualities, thanks to Axis' high level of ambition. As an employer, Axis has also dared to stick its neck out. At a time when most people are choosing activity-based office solutions, Axis is investing in well-equipped cellular offices with opening windows. "The employees have the opportunity to close their doors and work undisturbed, which many appreciate," says Andreas.

A living facade
The building's façade consists of a heavy natural stone clad base that transitions into light glass facades framed by white, angled metal slats. As you move along the building, the impression changes - the angle of the slats creates an illusion of movement: the façade closes, opens up and closes again as the perspective changes.

- The facade is very high-tech and can be appreciated by everyone, not just those who work in the building. The urban exterior contrasts nicely with the sensual interior. It is simply a fantastic building and we are a large and proud team behind the project," says Andreas.

Sweden's most beautiful office competition
Every year, in connection with Stora Kontorsdagen, the winner of Sveriges Snyggaste Kontor is announced. The competition is organized by lokalnytt.se - Sweden's leading marketplace for vacant premises.

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