Construction start for new oncology clinic

A safe, pleasant and functional environment for patients and staff. A first sod has been taken for the new oncology clinic at the County Hospital in Kalmar. FOJAB has designed the new building and outdoor environment together with the developer Region Kalmar.

The new clinic for oncology and radiotherapy will contribute to better cancer care and more accessible radiotherapy in Region Kalmar County. FOJAB has been responsible for the design of buildings and the outdoor environment, and the construction documents are now ready.

Demolition work and preparations for the project have already been done and foundation laying has begun with Byggdialog as contractor.

The project covers approximately 6,900 square meters. A brand new six-storey building contains, among other things, two new radiation bunkers, rooms for PET-CT, administrative premises and a treatment unit for chemotherapy treatment. A new, more visible and attractive entrance to the oncology clinic improves accessibility, safety and the visitor experience.

– It is an unusually complex assignment, says responsible architect Henrik Laurino. We have a technology-heavy business that places special demands on the premises, and technically advanced equipment that affects both the frame and installations. In addition, it is cramped on the site where the new building is to fit in and connect to other buildings at different heights. Far-reaching coordination is needed between many parties, including internationally. But we have a strong care team at FOJAB, both on the building, landscape and interior design side, with great experience of complex programs and large projects.

In addition to being safe and functional, the indoor environment must be experienced as pleasant and welcoming. A main thoroughfare runs through the hospital, overlooking a series of green rooms. The area is now enhanced with new beautiful outdoor environments, as three more farms are provided with greenery.

Malin Ingemarsdotter is a landscape architect with extensive experience in care projects and is responsible for the design of the courtyards:

– Everyone knows and agrees that greenery plays a role in patients’ well-being and recovery. Here, we have been able to make something beautiful out of the small farms that provide a visual connection to the business. We have worked closely with the building architects and with a client who recognizes the value of greenery.

The clinic is expected to be completed in 2026.