Shapely planting for the SM-week in Landskrona

The city of Landskrona is known for its thriving roundabouts. Here they want to give visitors a beauty experience when they meet the city from the entrance streets. As one of the host cities for SM-week 2018, the city wants to create a modern and innovative summer flower planting in Kuskahusrondellen. Caroline Lindqvist and Ylva Petersson, landscape architects at FOJAB, have therefore been commissioned to design the planting for the SM Week.

Tell us about the design, how did you think about it?
We wanted to create an interesting and detailed planting that feels modern, which is also in line with Landskrona's ambition. The plantation has been designed with bands of plants in different heights and colors that create a living wave movement when you drive around the plantation. Flowers with vertical spires contrast with flowers with a more horizontal growth pattern. The framework consists of plants in blue and yellow that flirt with the SM-week logo. Summer flowers have been supplemented with ornamental grass that waves in the wind and reinforces the movement of the planting.

The existing ash trees in the middle of the planting create an airy middle layer that provides visibility through the roundabout and highlights both the trees and the planting. The tree trunks are also proposed to be illuminated in alternating yellow and blue to create an exciting effect in the evening.

When can we enjoy the thriving roundabout?
SM Week starts on July 2, so the planting should be in place by then!


For further information:
Caroline Lindqvist
+46 724 – 02 21 66

Emma Schöön
+46 702 – 49 11 57