Record turnover as FOJAB Stockholm turns 10 years old

From a niche architectural office to a full-service agency with projects in almost all of Stockholm's development areas, FOJAB's Stockholm office celebrates ten years and sets a turnover record.

FOJAB has been present in Skåne for more than 50 years, while the representation in the capital is more recent. The Stockholm office's first decade has been characterized by strong development and is now crowned with a turnover record despite the recession and grim times in the construction industry. Turnover for the Stockholm office is just over SEK 44 million, an increase of 45 percent from the previous year, thanks to new and ongoing projects, particularly in the business areas of housing, urban development and community properties such as knowledge environments.

- "We have been spared the gloomy developments in the industry, but of course we are still affected when our customers and colleagues are struggling. We try to help and support by being proactive and creative," says Ylva Åborg, office manager at FOJAB in Stockholm.

FOJAB's Stockholm office has changed a great deal since its inception ten years ago. The number of employees has grown from around ten in the early years to 35. Initially, the focus was mainly on urban planning, housing and landscape. The offer has grown to include offices, commercial premises, community properties, knowledge environments, real estate development and interior design.

- It was a conscious effort that made us a full-service office," says Jens Larsson, who was office manager 2015-2021 and is now market area manager.

But breadth would be nothing if it were not paired with excellence. FOJAB is associated with high quality architecture, research-oriented collaborations and innovation that drives sustainability efforts in the industry forward.

- We have recruited very talented employees and there is an enormous amount of combined expertise within FOJAB. Our customers should be able to trust that they can come to us with just about anything and always have access to the foremost expertise. We are scattered but still cohesive - and always deliver architecture at a high level," says Jens Larsson.

FOJAB is now represented in projects in most of the Stockholm region's development areas, such as Lövholmen, Marievik, Årstafältet, Hornsberg, Ulvsunda, Riksby, Barkarby and Slakthusområdet.

- We have fantastic customers who have given us the opportunity to work on very nice projects that contribute to building the city," says Ylva Åborg.

In addition to Stockholm and Malmö, FOJAB is also present in Helsingborg and Gothenburg.