Parking garage with facade of scrap waste finalist for Malmö Stadsbyggnadspris

The Hyllieäng Mobility House is one of five finalists for the Malmö Stadsbyggnadspris 2024. With its façade made of waste materials and recycled materials from the local area, FOJAB explores what an aesthetic for our time can mean.

FOJAB's and client Parkering Malmö's joint ambition with the Hyllieäng mobility building is to explore and challenge the limits of reuse. The material for the facade is mainly sourced from outside the construction industry and at the same time super local, i.e. within Malmö.

- European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has called for a new aesthetic for our times, combining style with sustainability. With Hyllieäng, we explore what such an aesthetic could mean. Instead of the design principle form follows function we have tried a new approach, namely form follows avaliability. It is of course very nice that the City of Malmö recognizes and appreciates it with this fine nomination, says Petra Jenning, responsible architect for Hyllieäng and development manager at FOJAB.

The 2,400-square-meter facade consists of panels made of glass formerly used at the Orkanen Teachers' College and stainless steel sheets with laser-cut patterns that are scrap waste from the local manufacturing industry. The undulating exterior walls at ground level are clad with a mountain panel of recycled sheet metal, which is waste material from the production of plate heat exchangers. The façade is also designed to be dismantled and the material reused even more.

The Urban Design Award is given to architecture and urban design projects that are sustainable, inclusive and beautiful living environments. The winner will be announced in September.