Nobelberget wins Nacka municipality's urban development award

Block 8 on Nobelberget, which FOJAB designed for Atrium Ljungberg, has been voted the winner of the 2023 Urban Design Award in Nacka.

The Urban Design Award recognizes beautiful, exciting and interesting buildings and sites in Nacka. Kvarter 8 is located at the top of Nobelberget and has a prominent role in the emergence of a new district in Sickla with 500 homes and space for trade and offices.

The location on the mountain has inspired the design. Sunlight and views have been carefully studied to ensure that the qualities of the surroundings in the apartments and in the external environment are really taken advantage of. In its motivation, Nacka Municipality highlights how the common and private spaces interact in the street environment, the pattern effect in the slate tiles of the facades and the inviting entrances.

- "This year we have a clear winner that tastefully contributes to strengthening the architectural diversity of Nacka. The slate tiles on the facades have been installed in a way that creates variation and a facade language that enhances the surroundings," says Johan Krogh (C), Chairman of the Environment and Urban Planning Committee.

- Our everyday architecture is so important that we are surrounded by quality. And here we have very nice examples of quality everyday architecture. It is interesting with slate in different colors on the facades that create variation and care, says Nacka municipality's city architect Nina Åman.

- For a project to be really good, it always requires an ambitious client and a good dialog. In Nobelberget kv 8, we have worked with Atrium Ljungberg to develop concepts for design, floor plans and interior design. We also want to highlight the clear vision for the whole of Nobelberget that Atrium Ljungberg has developed. It was easy to like it and get on board. We are proud to have contributed with a part of the development around Nobelberget and happy that it turned out so well. It is also extra fun that it is appreciated by the people of Nacka, says Jens Larsson, responsible architect at FOJAB.

The prize was awarded at a ceremony in Nacka City Hall.