Möllan Voices - Empowering the Local Perspectives

FOJAB has been selected to be part of "Malmö in the Making", the City of Malmö's initiative to explore what the city's spaces, architecture and culture mean to the people of Malmö and how we can shape the city's development together.

During Malmö in the making, we want to contribute with a program point, where we together with professionals, entrepreneurs and residents of Möllan explore different perspectives on what it is that makes Möllan a good place to live and work.

FOJAB's program item MÖLLAN VOICES - EMPOWERING THE LOCAL PERSPECTIVES wants to explore how several different local perspectives can be expressed in the urban development process and what different future images can look like.

Why do we do it?
The purpose of our program item MÖLLAN VOICES - EMPOWERING THE LOCAL PERSPECTIVES is to:

  • Explore why Möllan residents and workers choose to be there, how they use the public space in their neighborhood, and what their dreams and visions are for the future of Möllan.
  • Explore alternative ways to empower local residents and workers to influence urban development in their area.
  • Create a better basis for architects to fulfill their task of taking in and understanding an entire neighborhood and the different perspectives that exist there, in order to sustainably plan for the future of Möllan and Malmö.
  • Involve and work across disciplines, showing and strengthening the diversity and differences of Malmö.
  • Create a Möllan guide, for Möllan today and for Möllan's future, by and for Möllan residents, workers and entrepreneurs at Möllan.

What do we want to do?
The first part of our program is a survey of the local! Using a questionnaire, we will collect information, thoughts and ideas from residents, active visitors and business owners in Möllan. Then creators (image makers, photographers, musicians, etc.) will interpret and interpret the answers. Our idea is for creative people to create their own works and future images of Möllan. Each creator will exhibit their work in FOJAB's premises for one week each in September. The public will also be invited to view the images of the future.

The final part of our program will be an Architecture Salon on 27 September on the theme of culture, knowledge and urban development. Then we will discuss the results and show all future images. The panel includes Anna Jonsson, associate professor and organization researcher at the Department of Business Administration at Lund University and SIR, Stockholm School of Economics Institute for Research, at the Stockholm School of Economics. Anna has also written a opinion piece on Malmö in the Making where she points out how important it is to consider how the knowledge and lessons of a broader dialogue are utilized in the project.

More about Malmö in the Making at malmo.se

Contact persons:
Magdalena Hedman
Nellie Stenvall