Model Manager, a new role in the architectural office

Good coordination is essential for the success of a 3D project. A BIM model contains all the information about the entire building, and the drawings are generated directly from the model. This means that all those involved, consultants and architects alike, need to have a common working methodology, which creates order.

At FOJAB arkitekter we have been working purposefully on this for several years. We have developed method sheets, prepared template files and built a library of good objects that can be used in many projects. Over time, a new area of responsibility has emerged within the project teams - keeping the model in order. The people who take this on are called Model Managers and they play a central role. Their work provides good conditions for other participants to produce the necessary documents quickly and safely.

Key tasks are to

  • Raising the model from the early foundations that exist
  • Setting up views for different types of work and reviews
  • Setting up views for exporting information to other consultants
  • Receiving and linking in documentation from other consultants and keeping it updated.
  • Create drawings and drawing views
  • Fixing errors and warnings in the model

Mårten Fridberg, CAD manager at FOJAB arkitekter, has trained more than 15 engineers and architects over the past year. Several of them now work in our assignments as Model Managers, which improves quality and saves time.