Mobilia awarded the Malmö Stadsbyggnadspris prize

Mobilia, Malmö's oldest shopping center, is now being developed to include 66,000 square meters of retail, services and housing - in effect a new district with its very own identity. The site's industrial history is also evident in the architecture, where new and old interact. In the past century, more than 3000 people, mainly women, worked here under the saw-toothed roofs in Malmö's flourishing textile industry.

- It is the holistic approach to the transformation of Mobilia that the Urban Design Award Committee is rewarding. They have carefully preserved the older buildings and added new buildings with sensitivity to the site. The area has been given new functions and new content, without losing the area's industrial historical significance," says Carina Svensson, chair of the Malmö City Planning Board and of the Committee for the Urban Development Award.

- Mobilia's transformation is a good example of densification and a mixed city and shows how the surrounding neighborhood could be developed. New businesses and housing have been added, new paths and meeting places have been created, and the land has been used resource-efficiently within the city," says Christer Larsson, Director of Urban Development in Malmö.