Minimizing the carbon footprint in the next phase of the Trikåfabrik.

Following the renovation of a century-old knitwear factory in Malmö, Stena Fastigheter and FOJAB are taking the development of the block forward with a new building for creative activities. Sustainability ambitions remain high with a focus on longevity, future-proofing and minimizing the climate footprint.

A new building is being added to the historic Bilden block at Möllevången in Malmö. The new addition draws inspiration from the surroundings but has its own expression characterized by our time. In terms of volume, it is adapted to the surrounding buildings. The design is characterized by few, simple, noble materials and great care for material meetings and details. The new building is erected on what is currently a parking lot.

The transformation of the century-old Trikåfabriken into modern offices has attracted a lot of attention, including a finalist in the prestigious Building of the Year competition, which focuses on sustainable construction. Sustainability is also key in the new building, which is being built using the LFM30 methodology to achieve climate neutrality.

All materials are optimized for sustainability in terms of lifespan, function and climate impact. Reuse, recycling and demountability are keywords. The building will be constructed with recycled steel in the frame and recycled materials in facades, floors and walls. For example, bricks from an existing wall on the site and limestone flooring from the demolished hover terminal in Malmö will be used.

- We have drawn on the experience of the old knitwear factory for the new one. Large amounts of light, high ceilings and a rational structure provide flexibility for changes over time. What is an open-plan office today could be a cellular office, housing or a factory in fifty years' time," says lead architect Jonas Ruthblad.

The new building adds new qualities to the area where there are currently homes, schools, some services and various creative activities. The addition of premises for more activities will make the neighborhood lively for most of the day. A restaurant on the ground floor contributes to the life of the street. A large open gateway invites the public to the courtyard, where the current parking lot will provide space for activities, hanging out and meetings between people. The roofs are also made into meeting places with sunny terraces.

- "We want to create a vibrant ground floor that enriches the entire neighborhood and serves as an energetic gathering point. The building itself is designed to help stimulate the sharing of services and co-use of space between old and new tenants," says Sofia Lagerblad, Head of Business Development at Stena Fastigheter Malmö.

Construction is planned to start in 2024 with Thage as contractor. Estimated occupancy preliminary during 2025.