Malmö's new super silo is inaugurated

On March 15, Cementa's new silo in Malmö's northern harbor was inaugurated by Ilmar Reepalu, Chairman of the City Council.

FOJAB has designed the new super silo which, with its diameter of 26 m and height of 93 m, is the second tallest building in Malmö and one of the largest cement silo facilities in Europe. As Cementa leaves its site in Limhamn, it makes room for new housing, and the people of Limhamn are spared heavy transportation through the community.

- The slip-formed cement tank has been linked to the surface-mounted transportation tower to create a coherent and shimmering white sculptural form. At the top is a lookout room that glows an intense blue at night, turning the silo into a lighthouse that can be seen from afar," says architect Greger Dahlström.