Malmö needs a new Pildammspark

FOJAB arkitekter participates in the exhibition DESIRE - architecture for our future living environment. The exhibition is shown 23 August - 23 September at Form/Design Center in Malmö and is hosted by Architects Sweden and Form/Design Center.

In its involvement, FOJAB has sought to answer the question of how socially sustainable development can be ensured as the city grows and how public spaces and parks are given sufficient value for future generations. By analyzing Malmö residents' favorite places, they have approached the answer to how architects can create the living environments of the future.

Malmö is Sweden's fastest growing city and will continue to densify and develop with new buildings in the coming years. Malmö is also the urban area in Sweden where most people have to share every park and even more people will have to share the same areas as the city grows.

- "We wanted to find out which places in Malmö that the people of Malmö like best, which places are the real gems. The results, and our proposal for future living environments, are presented at the exhibition," says Magdalena Hedman, landscape architect LAR/MSA at FOJAB.

An open vernissage will be held on Thursday, August 23 at 17-19, where representatives from FOJAB will be present to tell you more about their project, which has resulted in a book.

- I can already tell you that we think Malmö needs a new Pildammspark," Hedman concludes.

The Form/Design Center is run by Svensk Form Syd, which is a non-profit organization and part of the Svensk Form association. The center is run with support from the City of Malmö, Region Skåne and the Swedish Arts Council. In the exhibition DESIRE - architecture for our future living environment, architectural offices, public actors and universities in southern Sweden discuss what is important for the architecture of the future - from interior design to house architecture, landscape and urban development.


For further information:
Magdalena Hedman
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Emma Schöön
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