Malmö in the making - Welcome to FOJAB!

User dialogue and consultation are all well and good, but how do we ensure that local perspectives are included in the traditional urban development process and can influence the development of the city? What do we, architects and urban planners, know in depth about how those who live, work and spend time in a district experience their surroundings? What emotional values are linked to a particular place and what shapes its identity?

"Möllan Voices - Empowering the Local Perspectives" is our contribution to Malmö in the Making, the City of Malmö's initiative to explore what the city's spaces, architecture and culture mean to the people of Malmö and how we can shape the city's development together.

Methodology development - Möllan test bed
We have used the district of Möllevången as a test bed and explored alternative methods to give residents and workers in Möllan the opportunity to have a voice and influence urban development in their area.

With the help of the companies Perspetivo and Maptionnaire, we have developed a methodology for collecting information, thoughts and ideas that differs from the traditional survey. The aim is to create a better basis for architects to take in and understand an entire neighborhood and the different perspectives that exist there.

Experience the interpretations
"Möllan Voices" is about bringing new forces into the urban development process, so we have also let different creators interpret the answers from the survey. The works are exhibited for all to see during four Fridays in September at FOJAB's office at Friisgatan 28 in Malmö at 14-17:

1/9: AI Interpretation using ChatGPT and Midjourney

8/9: Photographers Emil Bjerenius and Linus Åkesson

15/9: Artist Sara Almosaibi Jasas

22/9: Designer Li Odén

Welcome to the Architecture Salon
We also invite you to an Architecture Salon on 27/9 at our Malmö office (Friisgatan 28) on the theme of culture, knowledge and urban development, where we will discuss the method, the result and the creators' work. The panel includes Anna Jonsson, associate professor and organization researcher at the Department of Business Administration at Lund University and SIR, Stockholm School of Economics Institute for Research, at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Mingle and exhibition from 17.00, the panel discussion starts at 18.00. Everyone is welcome, please register here.