Lund's new riding hall a sustainable investment in young people

Two interconnected riding halls, where four lessons can be held simultaneously and with plenty of space for competitions, and a stable for fifty horses with a direct connection to the pastures outside. This is FOJAB's plan for Lund's new riding hall. The building permit documents have now been submitted.

- "It's a facility that focuses on the environment and health of the students, staff and horses," says architect Mats Molén. And it is a very good competition arena.

In the open plains north of Lund, the new equestrian facility will shine. The walls are transparent and the light flows out in the evenings. The riding facility has come one step closer to realization, as the building permit documents have now been submitted to the municipality for review and decision.

Free-range horses
The 12-hectare site is proposed to accommodate a horseshoe-shaped stable, two riding halls including changing rooms and a café, an outdoor track and paddocks. An approximately 1.5 km long bridleway is planned around the entire area. There is room for fifty horses in the stables and access to the pastures is directly from the horse box.

- The pastures are often some distance away, but here the stables are right in the middle. Each stall has its own door in the outer wall straight out into the pasture," says Mats Molén, who has designed several equestrian facilities.

Place for training and competition
In the riding hall - which is actually two separate riding halls built together - four lessons can be held simultaneously. Or training in one and competition in the other, as one of the riding halls has been equipped with stands and a judges' tower.

- There is an ambition on the part of the municipality to invest in girl-dominated activities and here we get a modern facility that meets our needs and promotes good activities. And it's easy to get there by bike or bus," says Johan Rygge Zellbi, project manager at Lundafastigheter.

Wood that gives security
The wings of the riding hall are at an angle to a courtyard with an outdoor track. The connection to the Skåne farms and fields outside is evident here. The buildings are unadorned, with visible, expressive structures and materials that are easy to understand and intended to convey a sense of security.

- It is a utilitarian architecture with familiar shapes and simple materials that people should recognize. Wood gives a feeling of friendliness and security, a sense of childhood carpentry," says Mats Molén.

Lundafastigheter expects the riding hall to be ready for use in early 2023.