Lund nation

Lunds Nation is buying the Landsarkivet in Lund to build new student housing. The project consists of both renovation and new construction and includes about 100 homes. When the Landsarkivet moves out in 2012, the premises will be converted into apartments, while a new building will be constructed in the courtyard.

- The change from archives to student housing symbolizes the knowledge society of our time: more and more people choose to study and the flow of information is so great that the archives cannot fit in their old premises, says Kjell Adamsson from FOJAB arkitekter.

Since 2002, FOJAB arkitekter has worked together with Lund Nation to build more student housing. About ten sites have been examined, some of which are still under consideration. University President Per Eriksson and City Planning Director Inga Hallén are both positive about the project.

Occupancy is expected in 2014.