LTH architecture and engineering students create childcare center on island in Tanzania

Last autumn, the organization Engineers Without Borders in Lund organized a student competition for a childcare center on Ukerewe Island in Lake Victoria, Tanzania. The competition was organized in collaboration with MYM, a non-profit organization that works to improve the lives and conditions of children in Tanzania. Teams of students studying architecture and civil engineering were able to apply.

The teams were tasked with producing architectural and construction drawings. The village where the center is planned lacks access to electricity and safe water sources, presenting major challenges and innovative solutions. The students therefore had to work extensively on the site conditions, the needs, capacity and potential of the village.

The competition has been running since October and was concluded in March. FOJAB architects are sponsors of the competition and have provided guidance for the students as well as financial support. Anna Lavén and Elise Lindahl, architects at FOJAB, have been involved in the project.

The winning team will now finalize the drawings. This will be followed by a trip to Tanzania to work on the proposal on site with local workers and the MYM organization.


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