LKF builds new attractive apartments in central Lund

LKF will build around 135 new apartments in central Lund, at the junction of Brunnsgatan and Arkivgatan. Adjacent to the apartments, premises are planned for a meeting point for the Vård- och Omsorgsförvaltningen. FOJAB arkitekter is behind the design of the new residential buildings and was also responsible for the design of the student apartments in the old Landsarkivet, which is adjacent to the new project. Construction of the new residential buildings is scheduled to start in the fall of 2016.

- Our goal with the project is to create attractive housing at a good price, with good quality and proximity to central Lund. FOJAB has managed to combine a beautiful design with a rational approach to production and implementation," says Håkan Ekelund, CEO of LKF.

FOJAB's proposal for the western part of the Arkivet 5 block includes five buildings with a total of about 135 apartments of varying sizes - from one room and kitchen to four rooms and kitchen. All apartments will have balconies or generous terraces. The buildings will be compact, allowing for high energy efficiency. The proposal also includes a beautiful outdoor environment with attractive courtyards for spontaneous meetings.

Variations on bricks
For the new project, FOJAB architects have proposed variations on the theme of brick. All five houses will be built in brick but individually designed to fit into the cityscape.

- We have chosen to divide the project into several smaller buildings to build on the scale of the site. The buildings will be a modern interpretation of the older Lundensian saddle-roof houses," says Joachim Lundquist, commissioned architect for the project.

Meeting place for the elderly
In one of the buildings, premises for Träffpunkt are planned to be built. It will be a gathering place of about 400 square meters for the elderly. Some of the apartments in the project are planned as service apartments with access to staff.

In the spring of 2015, FOJAB Architects will begin preparing drawings for the five buildings and outdoor environments. LKF plans to procure a contractor in the spring of 2016 and construction of the project is expected to start in the fall of 2016.

The FOJAB architectural team includes Joachim Lundquist, Stefan Johansson, Mikael Pettersson, Mattias Hedberg Ek and Daniel Nord.